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You find this post either because you saw my Instagram Story, or simply because you’re a creative and multi-skilled person who is in search of new, cool job to explore.

So, yes. I’m hiring. Or in other words, I'm building a dream team of content creators.

First of all, who am I?

I’m a freelance Social Media Specialist, Content Creator and Creative Director. Currently, I manage social media for 2 local fashion brands and 2 Indonesia’s celebrated public figures. I write for 1 international fashion brand's website. And I manage (also act as an editor for) the Ministry of Trade's website. What I do on daily basis downs to: content creation. Photography, videography, visual graphic, promotional flyers and banners, articles, copy, blogpost, catchy phrases, captions, campaign material, lookbook photoshoot, and many other creative forms of visual communication that are on the Internet today.

Why am I hiring?

Because they say, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I've been in the business for 2 years now. As I grow myself, I come to understand that the demand of content creators and social media handlers today is very very high, especially in fashion and lifestyle industry. People came to me asking if I can manage their social media, their website. I do really want to take the job since it's something I really enjoy doing and it's kaching kaching, but with my current works piling up, I cannot spare any job.

Now, while people still come to me asking if I know someone who might suitable for the job and have what it takes to meet their goals, here I am sharing a job vacancy you might want to try.

Now hiring: FREELANCE Social Media Specialist and Content Creator

It's a freelance job to manage social media, primarily Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, also website. Here goes the details.


- Create, curate, and manage all published content (images, videos and written);
- Design, create and manage promotions and social ad campaigns;
- Develop relevant content topics to reach the client's target customer and market;
- Create a content publishing schedule per-week;
- Monitor, listen and respond to users in a 'social' way while cultivating leads and sales;
- Develop and expand community and / or influencer outreach efforts;
Monitor trends in social media tools, applications, channels, design and strategy;
- Work closely with clients, creative director, and graphic designer (if needed);
- Attend the client's office 2-3 days in a week;
- Monthly payout.

So, if you have your eyes on the latest trend in social media, be it fashion, lifestyle, brands (local and international), people, what people are posting, how people are posting. If you are on the top of your social media game. If you can produce top notch content and have excellent copywriting and photography skill. If you are an easy-going and fun person, yet a team leader and a highly-motivated individual, you're the one that I (and my clients) have been looking for. 

So apply away! 

Send your kick ass portfolio (include your social media channels too!) and CV to: anastydea@gmail.com with subject: Applying for Social Media Specialist.

Have any questions? Shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

I'll see you in a bit! Xx

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