Do you know what’s scarier than a “What if” question?

9:38 AM

“What now?”

To begin with, I’m lucky enough to never questioned any life path I’m taking. I come to understand what I want in life, what I want to pursue, since I was very very young. Although my passion shifted, it never fall off too far from the orbit. And I’m very grateful to have no regrets at any life decisions I made. I believe the roads that lead me to this point were made of tiny steps, turns, and deadlocks I faced along the way.

In short, I never asked the “what if” question because what I’m doing today is exactly what I want to do, and what I am today is exactly what I want to become. 

But, recently I came to think, if I already crossed off the list, then what now? What’s next?

That’s a dead scary question. We trap in a comfort zone so easily we forget that life didn’t stop when all the lists are crossed off. It goes on. So should the list. 

I can say that I ticked almost all the boxes. My dream jobs, mostly. But now, when everything worked out quite smoothly, it terrifies me. Do dreams easily come true? Or do I dream not big enough?

I think we should re-think about it. About the list. About the things we put on the list. If they are too doable, we have to dare to raise the bar higher. If you dream to have the best online clothing in Indonesia, make it ‘in the world’. If you dream to build a start-up, make it ‘a start-up that attracts 20 investors on the first year’. Write down the impossibles, then start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.

I think if your dreams are big enough, there's always more effort to achieve it. More challenge to tackle. More box to tick. Eventually, you'll always have the answer whenever the "What now?" question pop up in your mind.

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