My. Fave. Sunscreen. EVER!

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The intro might take a liiiil longer but bear with me, I have a point. 

I used to hate using sunscreen. Correction, I loathe it. They’re greasy, they’re oily, they’re heavy on the face, and they make my skin one tone lighter—in a funny way. That’s why I don’t like them. Just thinking about applying one on my face makes me nausea.

Then last year, I got into thinking, maybe I just haven’t found the perfect one yet.

I realize I haven’t been on the search of the perfect sunscreen for my face and I admit I only tried 2 sunscreen products in my life. I have oily face with hideous pores and acne prone skin tipe. That’s why I think it’s a little bit tricky when it comes to finding the perfect sunscreen. It has to be water-base, it has to be transparent, it should not clog any pores, and I prefer for it to have SPF 50 because I work outside a lot. I sometimes commute using motorbike and other public transportations.

There were days when I use L’Oreal UV Perfect SPF 50+ PA++++. It was definitely not my fave sunscreen. I got it as a freebie when I came to their launching. It’s too greasy for my liking. It takes more time for the product to absorb completely on my skin. And even though I have in the shade Transparent, it’s still colored. It makes my skin one (sometimes two) tone lighter. And what I dislike most, it leaves white cast.

There were also days when I use (not regularly) Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50+. It works okay but I think it still leaves white cast here and there. Probably because of its thick consistency. Also, it’s deadly expensive for me, so it’s a no. Tee-hee.

But then, in early 2017, I bumped into Female Daily’s video where they talk about Sunscreen 101; recommended products, the ingriedents, and the importance in wearing sunscreen daily. And that, my friend, was the video I’ll be forever grateful bumping into in my life.

Because that’s when I found Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence in SPF 50+, PA ++++.

I rushed my way to the nearest drugstore and purchase this little guy (for only IDR 119,000). At first I had no expectation about it. I just know from the video that this product has been raved by so many beauty enthusiasts and bloggers as part of their AM regimen, because it’s known for its watery textured and quick dry. The drugstore didn’t even have the tester for this one so I really wish I’m buying the right one and hoping to love it.

And yes. It was a love from the first try. The first thing you’re gonna notice is the fresh fruit, orange-y aroma that you cannot say no to. Really, I’m not a big fan of scented face product, but this one is a total exception. I love how refreshing and soothing the smell is.

The second thing; it’s sooo watery. It almost feels like putting pure water on your face. It glides easily on the skin and it absorbs so damn quick. It feels extremely comfortable to apply. So easy to blend too! Another thing I love is that the packaging doesn’t even say that it’s in shade transparent, yet, it has no color at all. It’s pure transparent. So it gives me no white cast whatsoever. Big yay!!!

The finish is exactly what I’m hoping it to be: natural moist. It’s not greasy at all. The only thing that you get is fresh, healthy, and natural moist face. Who doesn’t love that? This is actually the first time ever, applying sunscreen can be this addicting. 

I’ve been using it daily and I have no breakout nor purging. Everything seems to be in a good place, it feels like my face has finally met its missing puzzle piece. On side not, I also use this product when I was in Bali. You know, with the crazy humid weather and extreme sunlight, I must say that with this product, I get no sun burn, no sun spots, and as far as I can remember, I only get half tone darker. Half. It’s a good thing for me because whenever I got back from Bali, at least I get 2 tone darker. *crying internally*

So yeah, while I’m gonna start singing praises for this sunscreen from now til forever, I really hope you too find the right sunscreen for you and start wearing it daily. And if you decided to try the Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence in SPF 50+, PA ++++, please let me know on the comment section below and share your experience with it!

Til next post!



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