Chapped Lips Are Gone

2:29 AM

I have very, very dry lips but never in my 24 years of life, I took care of it. I just deal with it without extra care. Sometimes when the condition gets worse, I even pick the dead skin on my lips by biting it. And that's not it, even tough I know I have dry patches on my lips, I still nonchalantly use liquid lipstick everyday which makes my lips even dryer.

A couple weeks ago, I had a severe sprue on my mouth. A pretty big one. My dry lips are in their worst condition. I couldn't stop picking on the dry patches that leads to bleeding and leaves scars. I had difficult time eating, and even talking. Everytime I try to put the lipstick on, the patches are peeking through. I don't feel like meeting people because I'm afraid that they would pay attention to my flaky lips. 

That was the time when I decided that, "Okay, I have to take action. I have to use lip balm or anything to smooth out my dry lips."

Basically I hate lip balms. I loath them. I hate anything that looks and feels greasy. But at the same time, I kinda need it to overcome this condition. Then I thought to myself, maybe if I use the lip balm only at night time, that'll be okay. Because people don't need to see me walking around with greasy lips. 

So!!! I purchase this Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in travel size (3g).

The mini size didn't come with spatula so I have to use my finger to apply it on my lips (PS: if you have hygiene issue, I recommend you to buy the full size as it comes with spatula). The first time I apply it, "Hmm, I really, really love the smell." It's strawberry-ish, just like the color of the tube--which I also love!

Then I spread evenly on lips and go to bed, in hope that it can cure my dry lips problem. 

The next morning, I was amazed by how this product worked. My lips are SOOO moist and all the dry patches are gone. I even try to feel my lips' texture by pressing one and another and I can't feel any chunk. They're so smooth!

Now I'm adding this Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask into my night-time beauty routine, because waking up with a smooth and moist lips is an amazing feeling. Flaky lips 0 - 1 Dey.

If you're curious about the other beauty products I use before bed, please stay tune because I have sooo many to share!



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