This Blog Turns 8 This Year...

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This blog is turning 8 this year. Can you believe it? I started blogging back in 2009. My first domain was The pursuit of the blog was pure ‘digital diary’ where I share all my personal stories, experiences, love life, friendship life, my crappy collage photos, rants about my teenage life, and many more. Nothing special for you to read, but it is very personal to me.

In 2010, I started college and tried to find my character and deeper passion that I want to pursue. I changed the domain into because I think I want to start writing about things that beyond myself. Something more valueable for people to read. The blog then contains all my college life (study, passion, intern experiences related). I also started to share my passion in fashion. I wrote articles about mix and match, latest style, and many more. It was a hit back then to review a collection or a style on our blog. So I did what everybody did.

I also remember posting about my internship at Gogirl Magazine in 2011 and it was HUUUGE hit. Like “huge-if-a-blogpost-can-be-monetized-I’ll-be-kylie-jenner-rich” huge. It was huge because I was honest, in detail, and very helpful in writing down everything that people needs to know about interning at a fashion magazine. I got emails, DMs, mentions, comments, everything from that post. People asked me more details, they talk to me and thanked me for posting that. I enjoy that period so much, the moment when you’re helpful to other people. I even still got DMs until today .

But then, my third year of college came and I was busy doing my latest project and last semester to finish and grab my Bachelor degree, because I planned to finish in 3,5 years instead of 4 years. I stopped blogging all at once and focusing on my study. I was like vanish. My blog was on hiatus.

It took me 3 years to finally blog again. And this time, I want to take it seriously. I bought the domain and with the help from Google, I convert the to .com myself. I deleted all 250 old posts that I posted spanning from 2009 to early 2017 and come up as a new brand Dey Fitria dot com.  

With the rave once I got in 2011 (regarding the Gogirl magz internship), I really really wish to inspire more people about subjects that revolve towards my world, such as fashion and lifestyle. I also want to deeply influence people about the importance of having a passion that you truly passionate about, how to use it and make a living out of it, and the importance to be comfortable and confident in your true color. I also will talk a lot about skincare products that I love, coffee shops that I usually hangout (and take pictures) at, home décor, and many more. That’s why I came up with sooo many hashtag to use, such as #deycoration, #recommendeytion, #theholidey, and #ootdey.

I hope to talk to more of you. To discuss more. To e-meet more. So with this kind post, I want to personally welcome you, again, to my (not-so-new) blog. Like I always said, I’m SO glad that you stopped by. And I hope you continue to grow with me.

Enjoy post-hopping, guys!

With warm love,
Dey Fitria

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